Flora Farms

 Flora Farms is an organic farm and restaurant in San Jose del Cabo.
Can you believe a beautiful and delicious oasis is in the middle of the Baja desert?!
The adults went to dinner there one night and then we went the next day to pick up veggies and bread for a lunchtime platter to eat by the pool.
Oh, and to try the famous carrot margarita (yes, carrot!). 
If you go to Cabo, absolutely make reservation at Flora Farms!


Sunday Funday: Bar Bocce

This amazing California weather has allowed for some fun outdoor activities on the weekends. 
Bar Bocce is only a ferry ride away in Sausalito!
The ferry ride in itself is worth the $20(roundtrip) just for the views!

The pizza is amazing, there is an actual bocce court, beer, wine, a fireplace for when it starts to cool down, pretty view of the harbor and Sausalito is always a good 5-10 degrees warmer than the city!
Bring a picnic blanket because you can sit and be served on the "lawn" if regular seating is packed.


Catalina Island: Part 2

Of the 5 hours we spent on the island, I spent 4 of those non-stop  picture taking.


Catalina Island : Part 1

For my mom's birthday, we surprised her with a day trip to Catalina Island!
She had no idea where we were going until we pulled up to the ferry.
We really had no idea what to expect or how the day would be with the two boys and my grandpa who isn't very mobile. 
But as soon as we got off the ferry there were bikes and gold carts to rent! 
(there are also lockers for those families *cough cough us* who bring down jackets for the ferry ride and don't want to drag them around the island when it's 75 degrees out :) )

Catalina Island is so incredibly beautiful.
Avalon is so cute with the boardwalk, cute restaurants, adorable cottages and gold cart lined streets.
The water is so clear it's unreal!
I will definitely be kayaking next time. 
We only had time to explore Avalon but next time we will definitely be making a weekend of it and renting a little house. 

{don't worry, Dominique is wearing a bathing suit}

ps. the ferry tickets are pretty expensive. we watched for discounted ones on groupon/living social, so I suggest waiting for one of those deals. Oh, and be prepared for some sea sickness. Shaney and another little girl were taking turns throwing up in the trash can for most of the way there.