i love the christmas season, the lights, the songs, the overall feeling, but i have to say thanksgiving is probably my actual favorite day. there’s no pressure about getting/giving presents, gifts and stuff, thanksgiving is just about being with family and loved ones and being grateful for everything.


we did our thanksgiving feast on wednesday and on thanksgiving day we all, including my grandma and aunt, spent the day at DISNEYLAND!!
ryan was so excited watching the parades and all the rides. he even got a ‘1ist visit to dinseyland’ pin. it was so fun to be there as a whole family

{disneyland is already decorated for christmas, but it was kind of hard to get that christmas feeling when it was 80 degrees out all day!}

{grandma ‘babi’ with all her grandchildren. we put her in a wheelchair so we got to go in front of all the lines. haha.}
{most likely our christmas card picture considering taking complete family ones has become near impossible}