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searching and reading everyones #26acts makes my heart happy.
i'm starting mine today

It's no secret that San Francisco is my most favorite city in the world, so people who live in San Francisco also happen to be my most favorite also. Serena is one of these people and I may have already started planning how I can 'accidently' run into her when I move back to San Francisco so we can be real life friends. 
"I am quite skilled when it comes to eating, drinking and watching really terrible television" ... meant to be friends.
Hello hello to all of you lovely readers of La Mia Vita, and happy holidays! My name is Serena and I am the writer behind the blog Spillerena, a nickname given to me due to the fact that I spill basically everything I come in contact with (martini glasses are my enemy). Nicole doesn't know this yet, but I have a huge girl crush on her and plan on befriending her as soon as she returns to San Francisco. I envision many nights filled with copious amounts of wine and extensive travel talk. I'm incredibly jealous that she is living in Spain, but at least I can live vicariously through her blog!

Anyway, what is my blog about, you may be thinking? Well, at first my little blog started as a way to document my quest to live a more purposeful life, but since then it's grown into a place where I share all sorts of random things. Sometimes I share super awkward experiences like this, and other times I get all serious and write about things that I think matter. Mostly though,  I write about my life and my love affair with San Francisco, a city I am so privileged to call home, and hope that someone out there finds it interesting enough to follow along. Meeting new people is pretty much my favorite thing, so please stop by and say hello!
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Kaity seems like such a sweet and fun person. She works for an organization doing important things for our country's youth, has cute style, does fun things with her college friends and she posts things like this that make you say, "exactly!". 

Hi, friends of Nicole!  I'm Kaity, and I run the show at brownie diaries.  I'm a college senior, an aspiring doctor, and a world traveler-in-training.  I use my blog to share a random assortment of bits and pieces of my life - style, food, college things, photos, adventures, etc.  I have a deep-seated love for all things French; I started blogging to chronicle study abroad my adventures on the French Riviera during summer 2011.  I'd love for you to stop by sometime and say hello!  [or bonjour, orhola - you take your pick!]


 It's a good thing I'm going to California tomorrow otherwise I might have had to boycott all bloggers who live near the beach. Kayleigh is living in Australia (jealous) and one day I will become a yogi like her. It still baffles me how everyone in the southern hemisphere celebrates Christmas in the middle of their summer. 
Hi! My name is Kayleigh. I was born in Germany, grew up in England until I was ten and then moved to Canada where I have lived on and off unless I was travelling. I spent 13 glorious months backpacking through Europe when I was 22 where I learned a ton about myself and what I wanted to do with my life. Ever since then I have been addicted to travelling and exploring new places. I am currently travelling and living in Australia with my boyfriend. I have always had a gypsy soul and have been known to pack up and leave on a moment’s notice. I love coffee, can’t live without it in fact. Yoga is my best friend and I do it almost every morning. Sex and the City is often playing on my tv screen and I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I am quirky, easy going, a total book worm who often has her head up in the clouds. I have been told that I am hard to handle but am glad to say I have found my perfect match in my boyfriend, who is content to travel the world by my side and take the road less travelled with me.
My blog is about my travels, life and choosing the road less travelled.

Cynthia, tomorrow we will be in the same state! Can you ask California to stay sunny and warm for the next two weeks? Ps. One day (probably sooner than later) I'd like to discuss how you've kept a boyfriend for over 15 years! And the fact that you guys don't want to get married, cool and interesting points in my book. 
Hello all you La Mia Vita readers!  I've been reading Nicole's blog for a while now.  We are both California girls and she is off living an amazing expat life in a country I am DYING to visit one day.  I just love reading all about it, and her pictures are amazing!  
On my blog, Living In Neverland, I write about my life: the food I eat, my boyfriend of 18 years, things I lust after (or laugh at, or just love) online, our dogs, books I love, stuff we do and places we have been.  Once in a while I also write about being a homeowner, or something I cook, or (rarely!) something I actually DIY.  Come on over and say hi!  New blog friends are like my pixie dust. ;-)  


Jessica said...

I love Serena- she is both funny and smart. A winning combo in my book. I'll have to check out these other lovely ladies!

Serena said...

You won't have to "accidentally" run into me... I'll probably be cyber stocking you so that I can do the same!

cynthia said...

Hooray, welcome home!! :) It's been a bit rainy but it seems to be clearing up so I'll see what I can do to keep it that way. :)
As far as the BF.... I am not sure how we do it, I guess we just don't give up easily! haha

Have a safe trip home, and thanks for having me on the blog today!!

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