Happy Birthday Babi!

{circa 1996...no words}

 {look how little the boys are!}

{massimo is in pure heaven when he get's to go to babi's house.}

My Babi turned 85!
It's hard to describe and accurately depict my grandma, because you just have to know her.
She is so self-less, hard working, giving and hysterical. 

She was a huge huge giant part of my life growing up and still is.
She basically lived with us, took care of us, did all our laundry, picked us up from school and chauffeured us everywhere.
I don't remember her ever not being there really.
Even when we moved all the way to South Carolina, she would spend months at a time there with us. 

When I was 5, she wouldn't let me watch tv or something so I tried to fire her.
Literally said, "my daddy's going to FIRE you!"
We still laugh hysterically about that.

Whenever I'm away from home, my first meal request is her Czech food.
 She's very humble and rarely thinks it's "edible". 
It's so 'un-edible' that the amount she makes for a few days of lunches is gone before the first days dinner.

We broke the news that we'd be adopting Ryan to her over skype.
Wish we had a picture of that.
She said we (my parents) were absolutely crazy but 
then showed up at the house with two giant bags full of baby stuff.

She's been saying she should be "pushing daises" since I was about 10.
It's now a family joke but she has promised to not "push daises" till after I get back.
See, what'd I tell ya, so self-less. 

Happy Birthday Babi!
I love you so much.


Kari said...

Happy Birthday Babi! She is one of the best grandmas around. Love her!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Happy birthday to her! That pictures from 1196 is amazing - love the stylish attitude!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

And by 1196 I meant 1996 - still a little early on the West Coast ;)

Caroline said...

I can tell she is one special woman! Happy Birthday!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Precious!! Happy Birthday to Babi... she's adorable. I love the 1996 picture!!

Heather Davidson said...

so sweet :)

brittany said...

umm i love your family even more now after reading about babi! happy birthday, babi!!!

MMB said...

I have the same relationship with my grandparents too, especially my Annie (grandma). She took care of me for the first year or so of my life after my parents went back to work, and it's amazing the bond that forms. Happy Birthday Babi :)

Jessica said...

aww Happy Birthday goes out to your Babi! She looks so sweet :)

I just sponsored your blog! Yay!


Sara Louise said...

Happy birthday to your awesome Babi! :)