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  • floating down the russian river

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     last weekend we floated down the russian river
    all 20 of us tied together
    it was one of the best times ever
    so fun, relaxing, pretty, 
    and stopping along the way to jump off a rope swing (not me)
    couldn’t be happier
    pure bliss
  • Finally the Weekend!

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    It’s bright and sunny outside…and I have to study for my CSET 🙁 It’s tomorrow at 7AM!!!! (that shouldn’t be allowed. no one should get up before the sun does).

    We have a great friend, Kendall, visiting this weekend so I’m going to try to balance friend time and studying. We’ll see which one outweighs the other 🙂
    Have a great weekend and get geared up for St. Patricks Day!
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