• Nutella Crescent Rolls

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    nutella crescent rolls
    i have a serious obsession with nutella.
    you better believe i sit with the jar and lick the it clean with my finger.
    so freaking good.
  • making pizza tips

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    i have to say i’m pretty impressed with my pizza making skills.
    i’ve come a long way since the days of having to throw out the mangled mess i tried to call pizza and having to call for delivery.
    pizza making tips i’ve learned along the way:
    (based on using trader joes pre-made dough)
    1. let the dough rise for at least 40 min or until room temperature. the 20 min on the directions does squat. the longer you let it sit the easier it is to stretch out. and tastier in the end.
    2. after letting it rise just pick it up from an edge and start stretching. don’t bother with a rolling pin. hold it from an edge and just let it hang and use gravity to stretch it.
    3. don’t worry about making it into a pizza circle. use a regular baking sheet and plop it on there in whatever shape it feels like. oh and don’t forget to pam the baking sheet first
    4. stretch it out even more after it’s on the sheet
    5.  lightly brush olive oil over the entire dough
    {this has made a delicious improvement in my pizzas}
    6. sprinkle a little bit of salt over it
    7. add ingredients. get creative.
    8. bake via package directions
    9. take out of the oven as soon as the cheese is melted and barely golden brown. even if the bottom doesn’t look completely ready. it will cook a little more once out of the oven.
      (this was one of my biggest problems. i’m an over cooker)
    10. let cool for a few minutes, slice and eat!
    ok now i’m hungry.
  • floating down the russian river

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     last weekend we floated down the russian river
    all 20 of us tied together
    it was one of the best times ever
    so fun, relaxing, pretty, 
    and stopping along the way to jump off a rope swing (not me)
    couldn’t be happier
    pure bliss
  • just a little bit stronger

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    {joy’s hope via teaching in heels}

  • Orient Automatic Watch Giveaway

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    I only recently started wearing watches and now often feel like something’s missing when I’m not wearing one.
    I love colored faced watches and Orient Watches is graciously giving away this blue-faced automatic women’s watch!
    Orient is known for their huge variety of automatic watches for women and men such as, CEXoP001B and CEZ055003B
    To Enter to Win the Watch:
    Be a Follower and
    Comment and tell me what your favorite watch you’ve ever owned was,
    even if it was the mickey mouse one when you were 6 🙂
    Extra Entries:
    Tweet or blog about this giveaway and let me know you did in a separate comment
    {please leave an email address if your comment doesn’t link to your blog or hard to find your contact info}
    Contest Ends July 5th at midnight PST
  • Sunday Family Dinner: Greek Style

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    so refreshing and delicious!
    I never knew I loved feta so much
    I could eat this everyday
  • Thanksgiving at Disneyland

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    i love the christmas season, the lights, the songs, the overall feeling, but i have to say thanksgiving is probably my actual favorite day. there’s no pressure about getting/giving presents, gifts and stuff, thanksgiving is just about being with family and loved ones and being grateful for everything.


    we did our thanksgiving feast on wednesday and on thanksgiving day we all, including my grandma and aunt, spent the day at DISNEYLAND!!
    ryan was so excited watching the parades and all the rides. he even got a ‘1ist visit to dinseyland’ pin. it was so fun to be there as a whole family

    {disneyland is already decorated for christmas, but it was kind of hard to get that christmas feeling when it was 80 degrees out all day!}

    {grandma ‘babi’ with all her grandchildren. we put her in a wheelchair so we got to go in front of all the lines. haha.}
    {most likely our christmas card picture considering taking complete family ones has become near impossible}
  • Night Table Makeover

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    Before: brown and ugly {forgot to take a picture}
    After: white and cute!

    with adorable anthropology knobs

    * LOVE poster by Made By Girl. An amazing birthday present from my roommate Alex 🙂
  • Finally the Weekend!

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    It’s bright and sunny outside…and I have to study for my CSET 🙁 It’s tomorrow at 7AM!!!! (that shouldn’t be allowed. no one should get up before the sun does).

    We have a great friend, Kendall, visiting this weekend so I’m going to try to balance friend time and studying. We’ll see which one outweighs the other 🙂
    Have a great weekend and get geared up for St. Patricks Day!
    Via We Heart It
  • Thank Heaven for Little Boys

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    Finally finished the baby’s announcement… Doesn’t he look just adorable in the top picture!!! Yes, I took that…I don’t know what it is about baby’s laughing and smiling but I seriously would sit for over an hour talking to him and making him laugh and smile…He is such a happy baby and still can’t believe we are so blessed to add this adorable perfect baby to our family. The adoption will be completely official in July when my parents go to court to legally change his name. I spent the last week (my spring break) playing mommy because the nanny took the week off since I was home. Even though I had planned on spending spring break by the pool and beach, spending the week with him was so much more fun. I won’t be home again for a month but I’m so excited to see how he’s grown and the new things he’s learned in that time.

    “Don’t blink, life goes faster than you think.”