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    remember how i was supposed to be in barcelona for 6 months but came home after 4?
    the reason: while in barcelona i applied for a masters program, not really expecting to be accepted and not even knowing if i would go if i did get in.
    well, i did get in. and decided that i needed to come home for the summer before beginning
    another adventure like that.
    i kept these plans on the down low, because i honestly wasn’t sure if i would have the courage
    to move abroad by myself all over again.
    and the last two months at home surrounded by my family and trips to san francisco with my best friends haven’t helped me want to pick up and leave again.
    but how can i not take advantage of this kind of opportunity.
    to live in spain. get my masters. continue learning spanish. travel around europe.
    my emotions are bi-polar to say the least.
    one minute excitedly researching everything i can about madrid(since i’ve never been there), neighborhoods, apartments(i found the cutest one ever, i want it so bad!) and other travel destinations.
    and the next, holding onto my family, friends and california for dear life and mentally refusing to go.
     i’ll be a lot more prepared this time.
     some things will be easier.
    i’ll know what to pack and not a little better.
    finding an apartment won’t be quite as challenging and shocking.
    i know more spanish.
    i’ve already stepped far out of my comfort zone and certain i can do it again.
    i’m excited to see europe and barcelona friends.
    but i’m also a lot more aware of how hard it is,
    which makes me much more nervous this time around.
    feeling so far away and alone at times.
    that feeling gives me a stomach ache to think about.
     in one month and eight days i’ll be boarding a plane to Madrid, Spain for a year
    (coming home for christmas)
    to start my Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education.
    i’ll be teaching in Arganda del Rey, a small town outside of Madrid.
    i’d prefer to live in Madrid and commute, but we’ll see.
    not quite ready to start a countdown, but,
    my next spanish adventure awaits.
    just me and the world.